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What Is Hosting?
Your website consists of a large amount of code, files, and pictures. This is all stored within a database that lives on a server. The server is basically a giant powerful computer that is made up of various hardware. This hardware determines how fast your host is. Your website’s resources need to ‘live’ somewhere. A host is where that website/email (database) lives.

How Good Are Your Servers? (server specs)

  • We use a powerful server called a VPS. (Virtual Private Server)
  • 99% Server Uptime
  • 6 CPU Cores
  • 6 GB RAM

What Else Do I Get With Your Hosting Plan?
Monthly Client Reports That Contain The Following…

  • Security Report
      -Weekly malware scan that detects malicious code. 
  •  Weekly Backups
      -Weekly backups containing the database, uploads, and other important files to recover your website.
  • Google Acquisition Report
     -Analytics and traffic reports that can support marketing campaigns.
  • Traffic Report
  • Email (see email tab)

Do I have to host with JABstract?
You are able to host your website with us or you can host your site with another hosting provider and point the DNS server towards us. 

How much does hosting cost?:
$50 per month
Your website takes up resources on our server. Your hosting fees not only cover those resources, but we also accommodate you with monthly reports and services.

How Can I Save Money?
Pay your hosting fees for the year upfront and save $100!

What is website Content?
Every word, picture, or illustration found on a website is considered website content. It is also incredibly important and controls every bit of your on-page SEO. The more unique content that you have, the better Google and other search engines will rank your website. This means that if you can explain what your business does in your own words on your site while keeping the competitor research in mind, your website could rank well based on your specific industry and patience.

Who’s writing the website content? 
It is always more beneficial if you write your own content. This will make the content accurate and unique. We offer writing services at a price based on the number of words and topics you provide. Please keep in mind that we will never be able to explain what you do, better than you. 

Writing Service Cost & Requirements 
-$100 for 500 words.
-$150 for 1000 words
Each package includes 2 revisions.

What is a Domain?
Your domain is what you will type in to visit your website. 

Having trouble picking a domain name?
Picking your domain name can be hard not only due to the name may be taken but because the name is permanent. We can always purchase another domain name and point it towards your website but you should be strategic with naming your website. Consider the following when deciding:
  Your location is vital regarding local SEO. Sometimes businesses put FL or Winter Haven in the name to geographically benefit from their domain name.

Domain Extension:
  .com | .net | .org are all domain extensions that have different purposes.
.com is the most common and the most sought after. .org is commonly used for organizations or websites that consist of a community. You are not limited to choosing from these 3 domain extensions, these are just examples. 
You may notice that most government websites end in .gov and most educational/school websites end in .edu. 

Our hosting includes up to 5 domain-based email accounts. We do not store your email on our servers but rather forward all mail that comes through our servers to a personal email address. (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) 

What is a domain-based email address?

Why is having a domain-based email important?
If your customers or clients consist of regular people or normal consumers, it is in your best interest to stand out from the crowd by NOT having a Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo email address for your business. Some people refuse to do business with a company that has a Gmail email because it indicates that a basic level of professionalism has not been obtained… Yet!
If your customers or clients consist of other businesses, having a domain-based email is almost required. In the world of business, the odds of getting a response from an email with a Hotmail or Gmail signature attached to it are very slim.

Do your business a favor and host with us to receive all the benefits of being a professional.

Local SEO:
Local businesses that provide a service such as pool repair, home repair, or lawn care heavily rely on local SEO to gain traction on their website.
Our Local SEO services cover the following so that you are found within google or maps.
-Google Map Citations
-Proper use of title and image tagging
-Local Keywords found throughout your website (city name, other businesses, etc)

National and international companies that target a larger demographic should focus on keywords that relate to their product or service. If you provide service or products locally, you should include Local SEO strategies too.

PPC vs Organic Traffic
PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This type of traffic is purchased through ads and is very effective if done correctly. There are numerous ways and places to create an ad. The effectiveness of this strategy depends on the type of business you have, the budget, and the placement of the ad you are creating.  You can spend a little bit of money and get a ton of traffic and you can spend a ton of money on and get little traffic. It comes down to what, where, and who.

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