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Rated Best Website Security Service In Central Florida

JABstract now offers some of the most sophisticated security services for all types of databases. We proudly provide daily and on-demand malware and vulnerability detection, real-time detection of website attacks and hack attempts, and a blacklist monitoring tool. The service also provides automatic cleanup for website files and databases, virtual patching, and protection against various types of attacks including 0-day exploits, brute-force attempts, denial-of-service attacks, and malicious uploads. Users can also customize their firewall rules, block or whitelist countries and IPs, and view their hack attempts and blocked requests history.

In addition to its prevention features, this service offers investigation tools such as a file editor with malicious code highlighting, a database editor, and a file manager. Users can also receive email alerts about site scan and cleanup results, significant hack attempts, and weekly and monthly PDF summary reports. Overall, this service provides comprehensive website security features that help protect against a wide range of cyber threats.

Advanced Protection

100% Secure Now & Later
$ 25 per month
  • 24/7 Live Database Scans
  • Monthly Scan Reports
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Recover Your Website NOW!
$ 400 one time
  • Zero Hassle
  • Recovery Plan
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Fixing Infected Websites

we understand the urgency and frustration caused by a compromised website. Our team of experts specializes in identifying and resolving website infections swiftly and efficiently. With our comprehensive knowledge of the latest security threats and advanced tools, we’ll thoroughly clean your website, removing any malware or suspicious code that may be compromising its integrity. Trust us to restore your website’s functionality and protect it from future attacks.

Preventive Security Package

Safeguarding your website from potential threats is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Our preventive security package offers a comprehensive suite of robust tools and practices designed to proactively protect your website from being infected. We employ cutting-edge security measures, including real-time monitoring, firewall protection, regular vulnerability scans, and malware detection. By implementing our preventive security package, you can have peace of mind knowing that your website is shielded against potential cyber threats, ensuring its uninterrupted performance and the safety of your valuable data.

  • Daily plus on-demand unlimited automated malware detection and vulnerability detection
  • Real-time website attacks detection and hack attempts detection
  • Blacklist monitoring and deblacklisting tool
  • Automatic cleanup for website files, even for already infected sites
  • Automatic cleanup for website database, even for already infected sites
  • Automatic virtual patching
  • 0-day protection (OWASP-10)
  • Hack attempts protection
  • Bad requests protection
  • XSS/SQL-injection protection
  • Brute-Force/Login attempts protection
  • DoS (Denial-of-service) attacks mitigation
  • Content scraping protection
  • Malicious uploads protection
  • Firewall sensitivity tuner
  • Country blocking
  • IPs whitellsting/blacklisting
  • ~ URLs whitelisting/blacklisting
  • Custom firewall rules
  • Hack attempts and blocked requests history
  • Complete description for malware and vulnerabilities
  • File editor with malicious code highlighting
  • Database editor
  • File manager
  • Regular expression and text search tool
  • Reports and alerts
  • Email alerts about site scan / cleanup result
  • Email alerts about significant hack attempts
  • Weekly and monthly PDF summary reports